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On this page you cand find interesting world and ALLSOFtware news.

ALLSOFtware News

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Getting certified

If you are interested to learn and grow within the computer world, I recommend some websites that offer free or preparatory courses of very good quality.
Only Spanish: miriadax.net
World: microsoftvirtualacademy.com

Software World News

iOS 7.1 has the fewest app crashes yet

"Now with only a 1.6-percent chance of flopping over"

It's been about a week since we all got iOS 7.1 and along with the lack of white screens of death it seems the OS also has some newly found stability for apps too. According to performance monitoring firm Crittercism, the crash rate of apps running on iOS 7.1 has dipped to just 1.6-percent. It's a small but noticeable improvement from the 2.1-percent rate of crashing apps on iOS 7. The research also shined a light how iOS 6.1 and iOS 6 were actually more prone to app crashes despite not having iOS 7's known white or black screens of death. Adoption preferred Along with the improved performance numbers, the new data Chitika, an online advertising network, shows that Apple users are rapidly adopting iOS 7.1. The network puts the number of hotly updated iOS devices accessing its ad network at 12-percent just 48 hours after Apple released the new operating system. Crittercism corroborated the numbers stating the number of iOS 7.1 adopters is being boosted by late iOS 6 holdouts who skipped the early jump to iOS 7. Originally iOS 7 hit the floor running to a rough start thanks to bumpy issues like the buggy lock screens and fingerprint scanner hacks. But from the early looks of it, iOS 7.1 has fixed many of those wrongs. Additionally the point one update has brought on some new tweaks including better Siri and TouchID intergration, which does not forget fingerprints. iOS 7.1 on the iPhone 5S also automatically enables HDR photography from the get go and the built-in Calendar now has the ability to show events by month. iOS 8 is still a long way away but we've already got a wish list lined up for it

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Samsung releases dev kit for Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Tizen apps

"Samsung opens up Gear development"

The software development kit for Samsung's Tizen-based Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo wearables is now available to third-party developers, the company has announced. Samsung prefaced this move with an announcement toward the end of February that it would open up Gear development to third parties with the release of the new Gear models. Eager app developers can download the Gear SDK from the Tizen developer site. The Gear 2 was designed to improve on many of the original Galaxy Gear's flaws, and opening up its app ecosystem is one of the ways Samsung hopes to do that. There's an app for that Dozens of Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo apps have already been developed thanks to Samsung's numerous partnerships, the company said. With the new apps the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo "provide users with enhanced wearable experiences for fitness, shopping, social media, music, news, and sleep management," Samsung's announcement says. They come from companies including Feedly, CNN, eBay, Expedia, and many others. On top of that, "a variety of applications for Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are expected to be developed by active Tizen app developer community," the company said. "Samsung continues to focus on shaping the future of the wearable technology as well as expanding more possibilities for app developers, partners, and consumers."

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Google Play Store 4.6.16 adds better in-app buying protection and batch install option

"Google has announced a Play Store update that brings in many improvements"

Google has announced a Play Store update that brings in many improvements like better in-app buying protection, the ability to batch install apps, relocated Settings and Help menus, and more. The folks at Android Police were first to spot the update, which bumps the app up to version 4.6.16. One of the biggest changes the update brings is the new “Require password” feature which will allow users to password protect purchases on the Play Store from a particular device. The feature provides three options: never, every 30 minutes, and for every purchase. The last option is particularly useful for those who do not want their kids to do in-app purchases without their permission. Up until today's update the Google Play Store would ask for a password just once per 30 minutes. This limitation recently resulted in a woman suing Google after her kid bought $66 worth of in-app purchases on Marvel Run Jump Smash. Aside from offering greater control the Play Store will now also provide an in-app purchases indicator under the 'App permissions' screen when first installing an app, letting you know beforehand if it includes the feature. Another welcome change is the addition of a batch install feature that will help you quickly install multiple applications on a new device. The update also includes the option to trigger a self-update on the Play Store itself by tapping the Build version in settings, while the “Auto-add widget" setting has been renamed to a more intuitive “Add icon to Home screen”. Lastly, there are also some UI tweaks. For example, there is a white border around the profile image, account name now appears in bold, 'Add' buttons are now blue in color, among others.

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