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Hello, my name is Aníbal León León, welcome to my personal website where you can find projects, personal information, and the latest news about the applications developed by ALLSOFTWARE, my nickname for publishing applications.

Download and enjoy our APPs and games!

On the Projects tab you will find links to download stores and public repositories where you can view source code from some of our projects. We hope you find of interest and give us your feedback. Thank you very much.

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    "Feel free to contact us if you wish to collaborate or need assistance" anibaleon1989@gmail.com

    Rise Wars

    Risk style game featuring multiple missions, military ranks, achievements, play online, etc.


    System prediction and forecasting results NBA with the processing and analysis of data using the KDD process.

    Secret Words

    Similar to the popular Taboo game, Secret Words features more than 1,000 cards and 5,000 words in different languages.


    3D video game developed in Ogre3D; one of 4 practical work undertaken for a master in 3D and video games.

    Other projects

    On the projects tab you'll find other projects under the ALLSOFTWARE pseudonym and applications created for other companies.